Frequently asked questions

1. Is the music on this site instantly available?  Yes, 24/7. Simply order a piece and access it digitally in your My Account folder. You can print it once & view it online anytime.

2. How do I print? Go to My Account, log in and click Access your music. At the bottom of your music, click the printer icon. Click the blue PRINT button on the pop up. You are permitted one print per purchase.You will now be in your device print window. Adjust your print as desired, then print.

3. Is it possible to download my music as a PDF? Yes. When you get to your device’s print window, check the option to open and save as a PDF. 

4. I’m having trouble accessing my music. What should I do? Contact us at [email protected]

5. I’m having trouble printing. What should I do? Contact us at [email protected]

6. Where is my music? Go to My Account and log in. On the left column, click Access your music

7. How do I buy music? Select the music you’d like to purchase. Add to cart and checkout. Access your music in your account.  

8. Is the music on your site legal? Yes. All of our music is authorized for sale by publishers, artists and registered copyright owners. 

9. May I submit my own music to sell on your site? Yes. Go to www.sheetmusicdeluxe.com/submissions

10. For all other inquires, please contact us at [email protected] We’re here to help!