Download These Free Halloween Music Worksheets For Beginner Musicians

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Download These Free Halloween Music Worksheets For Beginner Musicians

Halloween Music Worksheets – Free PDF Downloads

Here are free Halloween music worksheets for beginner musicians. Teach the fundamentals while having fun at the lesson. Concepts include note reading, counting and keyboard orientation. Download and print the PDFs for free and have some spooky fun. These worksheets are a popular download by music teachers. Your students will love any time of year. Simply click on a worksheet thumbnail and it will automatically open in a new window. You’re welcome to download or print this Hallow Music Worksheets to use with your students. We’re adding to this collection of free printable worksheets, so visit often. Sign up for our newsletter to get alerts about new free worksheets.

There’s more – download our Halloween Music Composition worksheets. Add accidentals to familiar tunes – “Scary Mary” (Mary Had a Little Lamb), “Jingle Bones” (Jingle Bells) and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Monster” (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star). Kids as young as four years old will understand the concept of making something sound scary. Use these downloads as a way to introduce the concept of changing music in order to make it have a different mood. Sometimes all it takes to change a mood is to change just one note, or the range or the tempo. Watch your student experiment. Notice what musical elements they are drawn to first – harmony? dynamics? range? Are they using clusters or single notes? Notice if they are using any musical elements from pieces they’re currently playing – Hand position, two hands? single notes? Encourage them to generate lots of ideas. These ideas are using their active creative mind and will stimulate and reinforce musical concepts. What fires together, wires together.

Browse our Easy Piano Halloween sheet music. Or use our search window in the menu above to find a specific title, composer, show or artist.

Halloween Note Street note reading Halloween Music and Activity Pages
Halloween Note Street Add up the number of beats to find out how much candy you got in this trick or treating activity.
Halloween Piano Lines and Spaces. Easy Halloween Music Activity Pages on
Halloween Piano Lines and Spaces. Check the keys with pumpkins to see if they are on a line note or a space note on the music staff.
Pumpkin Piano Keys - music activity for beginners. Identify the keys with pumpkins on them.
Pumpkin Piano Keys Name the keys with pumpkins on them.
Halloween Music Terms and Symbols Activity Page
Halloween Music Terms and Symbols - Spooky fun way to discover music terms and symbols.

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Free Halloween Music Worksheets for Beginner Musicians

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