Film and TV Music

Film and tv music is composed for use in film, television, and other media. It is usually written and composed specifically for the project it is used in. This type of music is composed to underscore the mood and action of the scene it is used in and to add an emotional element to the visuals. Common genres of film and television music include orchestral, electronic, and popular music.

Music score

In film and television, a music score is generally composed for the entire project and is used to underscore the action in the scene. This type of music often includes an arrangement of different musical instruments, such as strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion. The music score is usually written with the intention of creating an overall atmosphere or mood for the scene.


The soundtrack of a film or television show is a collection of songs that are used to provide a musical backdrop for a scene or to enhance the emotions of a scene. This type of music is often used to evoke a particular emotion or feeling in the audience.

Theme song

The theme song of a film or television show is a single song that is used to introduce the show or to summarize the main themes of the show. This type of music is often used to set the tone and the mood of the show or to remind viewers of the show‘s theme.

Background music

Background music is instrumental music that is used to fill in the gaps between scenes or to provide a subtle emotional backdrop for a scene. This type of music is often used to set the mood or to create a sense of tension.

Youtube links

Film and television music can be found on various platforms, such as YouTube. Here are some examples of YouTube links to some popular film and television music:

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