Traditional Music

Browse our selection of traditional sheet music from around the world. Folk, traditional, church, popular tunes, folk songs, old-time, timeless tunes. Amazing Grace, Kumbaya, Greensleeves, Oh Susanna, Jamaica Farewell, Alouette and more. Add to cart and print in minutes. Or save as a PDF in your printer window. Digital sheet music is viewable online 24/7.

Traditional music is often based on cultural traditions and ways of life, stories, legends, historical events, typical common experiences, work origins, truths and lessons, silly made up words, love stories, love lost, love found, first love, true love, war and peace time, hardship, faith, parables, rituals and folklore.

While some songs are challenging to sing, most are easy to sing by amateurs and common folk. Easy step-wise motion melodies with simple chords are easiest to play. Traditional songs, like folk music is often played in simple keys so that folk instruments such as the celtic harp, accordion and banjo can participate by not having to stray beyond two or three sharps or flats. Some folk instruments can only transpose in up to two or three sharps or flats. And other folk instruments can only play simple pentatonic type scales. Traditional songs and world music therefore will cater to the traditional instruments from the geographic region they are from.

Traditional sheet music