Super Easy Piano Music

Easy piano music sheets include “Super Easy” music. Super easy piano music are by far the easiest to read. This is mainly because the note names are included, often right on the note-heads. Super Easy piano music also usually shows a chord chart at the top of the music so the player can learn the chords by finding them on their own piano. Also, Super Easy Piano music will show finger numbers and sometimes a key chart.

The note-heads on Super Easy piano music are large, possibly larger than “Big Note” piano music. Super Easy piano music sheets are so easy, anyone can play them, even if they’ve never tried playing the piano. In other words, you can use these sheets to teach yourself the music. Even if you don’t have a teacher, super easy piano sheet music makes it possible to locate where on the keys you need to place your fingers. We recommend you start with a song you know and love, that way your ears will help guide you. Super easy piano sheet music is affordable and usually a bit shorter, meaning fewer pages, so you can add several songs to your collection as you progress. It’s important for beginners to try playing as wide a variety of songs as possible. Each song will help you become more confident.