Piano Duets

Piano duets is music for two piano players. This is an ever-growing category by the way, with titles in all genres and levels. From Beethoven to the Beatles and contemporary hits, piano duet music is making a comeback, so now is the time to get some for you and a duet partner.

As you’re browsing, make sure to check if the arrangement is for 4 hands on one piano, or 4 hands two pianos. Most people choose piano duets for one piano (4 hands/one piano), because having two pianos together is less common.

Use the search window to find the song title, artist or composer you’re looking for, or simply browse through our collection. You’ll most likely discover lots of duets of pieces you know, but also many you don’t. Music teachers use duets to inspire students playing at the same level. It’s an important skill to play along with other musicians, one which some pianists might not have the opportunity to develop. But playing piano duets is fun and rewarding. We recommend at first that you choose duets well within your playing level. When you’ve found the right music, add it to cart and you’ll have your duet music instantly available online and ready to print.