Big Note Christmas

Big Note Christmas Easy Piano Music

Big Note Christmas is easy piano music that is fun and easy to learn. We created a tag for this music because many beginner players want to learn Christmas music right away in the first year. Big notes doesn’t mean the arrangements sound over-simplified though. Some of the nicest Christmas piano arrangements are big note arrangements. And these arrangements are a great way to add lots of music to your holiday playing list. Who wants to play one difficult holiday piece when you can play lots and lots of big note arrangements?

Why big notes? Sometimes music looks too difficult and intimidating to beginner players. They need extra help to see the essential element on the page – notes!

When notes look too small, it becomes difficult to see where they are on the staff. The answer is: bigger notes. The actual note-heads are larger, and so is everything else too, such as staff spacing. With few staves, there are a fewer number of measures and staves per page.

Big note piano music also means markings such as slurs and articulation and dynamics are minimized so the note-heads look uncluttered and clearer. Also, finger number font sizes are larger, as is just about everything else on the page.

Please enjoy surfing through Big Note Christmas piano music. We think you’ll find something new and fun to play!