Glee Cast Christmas sheet music

Fill your ears with wonderful Glee cast Christmas music. All of these arrangements were performed for the hit television series, Glee. Lending to vocals, these arrangements frequently are structured for piano, vocal and guitar, which gives the most flexibility for modification. Use the transpose feature to fit the vocal range you require.

The television series Glee is set in a fictional high school in Ohio. While the show focusses on musical and dance art forms and pursuits, it also delves in social and humanistic themes. It has won critical and fan approval, doing well in ratings. The show paired well as a companion vehicle for the ever popular American Idol.

Sheet Music Deluxe hosts selections from the show that range in level and cross genres. We invite you to browse through music from Glee that you find musically fulfilling and inspiring. Glee Cast music is a collection of cover songs that run the gamut style-wise. Standards, contemporary music and current hits.