Beautiful Girl (from Singin’ In The Rain) – 5 Finger Piano


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Arrangement5-Finger Piano
Artist NameJimmie Thompson
Number Of Pages2
Release Date06/29/2012

Beautiful Girl (from Singin’ In The Rain) – 5 Finger Piano

Beautiful Girl lyrics.

Beautiful girl, you?re a lovely picture
Beautiful girl, you?re a gorgeous mixture
Of all that lies, under the big blue skies
My heart cries…
Beautiful girl, you’re a dazzling eyeful
Beautiful girl, I could never trifle,
If I had you, you’d be my dream come true.

They may be blondes or brunettes
They are hard to resist
You surpass them like a queen
You?ve got those lips
That were meant to be kissed
And you?re over sweet sixteen
Oh, Beautiful girl, what a gorgeous creature
Beautiful girl, let me call a preacher
What can I do
But give my heart to you
(A beautiful girl is like a great work of art.
She?s stylish, she?s chic and she also is smart.
For lounging in her boudoir, this simple plain pajama.
Her cloak his trimed with monkey fur to lend a dash of drama.
Anyone for tennis? This will make them cringe,
And you?ll knock?em dead at dinner if your gown just drips with fringe.
You simply can?t be too modest at the beach or at the pool.
And in summer time it?s organdy, that?ll keep you fresh and cool.
You?ll never guess what loud applausse this cunning hat receives,
And you’ll never dream the things that you could hide within these sleeves.
A string of pearls with a suit of tweed, it started quite a riot.
And if you must wear fox to the opera, dame fashions says dye it.
Black is best when you are in court)
The judge will be impressed,
But white is right when you?re a bride
And you’ll want to be well dressed.
Beautiful girl, for you I?ve got a passion
Beautiful girl, you?re my queen of fashion
I?m in a whirl, over my beautiful girl

Beautiful Girl (from Singin’ In The Rain) – 5 Finger Piano